Vitamin B Complex Deficiency Impacts Metabolism

– Once thought by doctors to be a single vitamin, it was discovered the B complex group contains eight water-soluble distinct vitamins all playing a critical part in cell metabolism, DNA repair and blood formation within both human and animal biology. Deficiency in any one of the specific vitamin B groups (from B1 to B12) […]

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Almost 7 out of 10 among us are deficient in Vitamin B12

When 19 year old Kishita who is 2nd year BMS student was faced with frequent memory lapses and depression, she blamed it on stress and study pressure. Over a period of time her forgetfulness, fatigue and irritability at such a young age became a huge concern in the family and was affecting her projects and […]

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Best Vitamins for Hair and Skin Problems

Everyone knows the significance of taking vitamins are necessary to one’s universal well being, not numerous of them understand that vitamins, other so now than ever before. People concur that are also wanted to recover the health of the hair. Lack of the needed vitamins, in fact, contributes to hair loss. You can also use […]

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Vegan Nutrition: Vitamins (Part 2 of 3)

Vitamins are micronutrients; complex molecules found in our food. We only need about 0.5g of each vitamin per day yet they are all vital for human life. Vitamin A Functions: keeps skin, tissues and organs healthy, promotes healthy bones, hair, teeth and gums, strengthens the immune system, treats eye disorders, Sources: margarine, carrots, butternut squash, […]

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